How a Post-Audit Works
Some people are unfamiliar with how a post-audit works, or are unsure of how a post-audit could add value to their organization.   Below is a brief outline of what you can expect once the FounDinero team gets started on your review:
Our management team works with you to scope the project

Our IT team works with your company's IT group to obtain data/information needed
We analyze the information gathered, and review source documentation, where necessary to validate potential duplicate and erroneous payments, pricing issues, etc.
After reviewing and validating the potential recoveries with your team, we work with your vendors and suppliers to recover these amounts for you
Once monies are paid to your company,  your company remits an agreed upon share of these recoveries to FounDinero
We provide detailed reporting on recoveries identified, as well as other valuable analysis that could help complement the existing information your team supply's to help run the business AND work with your team to prevent future potential losses
It's really that simple to have a post-audit completed.  Why leave money on the table?  

Contact FounDinero today to start the simple process to be on the road to "Found Money"...