Taking a Fresh, New Look at Profit Recovery & Analysis...

FounDinero is an organization built on Partnership, Technology & People. 

We partner with your organization to provide a variety of post-audit services, including reviews and recoveries of overpayments related to accounts payable, freight, vendor income, rebates, allowances, etc.  

We work on a contingency basis.   In other words, we only get paid when we recover monies for your firm!


Our Commitment
At FounDinero,  we consider all of our clients a key business partner. We guarantee that the entire FounDinero team will work hard to not only maximize recoveries for your organization, but to minimize distractions to your day-to-day operations.

We understand business, and feel that we can be a key "go to" resource for you.


We are going to "do the right thing" for your organization.